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District 25 Annual Roundup

Saturday September 15, 2018

9AM to 4PM

Rockmosa Community Center (Rockwood, ON)

Tickets $15.00, breakfast and lunch included

AA and Al-Anon Speakers + Sobriety Countdown



Available to Carry The Message to 

- Members in Hospital

 - Homebound Members

e-mail the Accessibilities Committee for more info:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Needs Women to help carry the message 

Be part of the solution, share your experience strength and hope with the women at:

Vanier Women’s Correction Centre

The only requirements are:

  • One year of sobriety
  • Two years criminal charge free.

   ~It takes approximately three months to process from orientation to the actual meetings.

   ~You never have to go in alone, we work in teams.

Volunteering at Vanier has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in sobriety - Karen T. 

 ~ Please contact: Kathy H. Womans Chair of Corrections for District 25 ~

email at 

 ~ Bridging the Gap between Institutions and Recovery ~



Have you thought of doing service work as a volunteer in men's Corrections? 

It's a big commitment to make! Some may say what's in it for me?

You can look at it as a learning experience going into correctional facilities can be quite rewarding! You will see for yourself what it's like to be an inmate. There is no weekly commitment required.  You can go in once a month or every other week, it can be flexible.

It's a constant reminder of where I can end up if I choose to go back out.  I have never regretted it and enjoy going in there. I have met some very good people in corrections and they also are very grateful for the volunteers that do go in every week. -Ed N

Volunteers MUST be:

• 2 years criminal charge free

• 1 year clean and sober

For more information contact: Ed N. District 25 Men's Corrections Chair


~~ Halton Recovery House ~~

Limited Attendance Meeting * - Men Only

Big Book Discussion Meeting

Sunday Nights 8:00pm**

*Minimum 6 months sobriety required

If you would like to attend this meeting at the Halton Recovery

House,  please call or email in advance.

Rob H. 905-691-6663

Jim S. 226-200-2300

**if there is a 5th Sunday in the month,  it will be a Speaker Meeting


District 25 Members ~ Speak Another Language? 

We are looking for people who can speak a language other

than English to assist with Calls received on

the AA 1 800 HELP LINE.

Please do not let language be the barrier that stops

the suffering alcoholic from getting help when asking for it.

See your GSR for further information if you speak a language

other than english and would like to help. 

Thank you from your Special Needs Chair

and Telephone Answering-Service.


For updates to this information send email to